Introducing KAIROS & Intelligence-Based Marketing


The Right Message, to the Right Person, Right Time, Right Channel

KAIROS delivers personalized content experiences that help medical device manufacturers take products and solutions to market more efficiently and effectively to positively impact patient outcomes. KAIROS technology and proprietary data-set allow brands to “Market To The Moment” and deliver your B2B content just like NETFLIX and AMAZON. By understanding the complete content consumption history of your audience and having a deep understanding of your content, KAIROS can micro-personalize journeys and make them unique to each person based on their role and interests.

Increase Revenue

Reduce friction by building real-time content journeys using AI and eliminating hard gating.

Better Engagement Data

Focus your sales and marketing efforts where your audience is spending the most time.

Reduce Costs

Get the most out of every (expensive) click by giving your audience everything they need in real-time.

Welcome to content insight & activation.

KAIROS provides sales and marketing departments actionable insight in real-time and highly qualified sales leads.


7+ Mil

Healthcare Professionals


C-Suite within Medical Organizations

90% +

Accurate & Validated Data

Enriched with firmographic, demographic, and psychographic information

Passes highly qualified sales leads through Integration with open API CRMs

KAIROS answers important questions:

Which accounts are ready to buy in the next 30, 60, 90, 180 days?

Who are part of the buyers’ group and decision-maker?

What content and topics are resonating with your primary, second, and tertiary audiences?

What is the true ROI of your digital marketing campaigns and are they driving highly qualified marketing leads?

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