Webinars are a highly engaging platforms that allow attendees to interact with audience polls, educational slides, audio/video, and to ask questions in real time to presenters. The high level of interactivity gives sponsors elevated branding benefits.

Sponsors also benefit from the multiple marketing efforts we put in place leading up to and after the event. You receive all registrants’ complete contact information starting at the live event and continuing for 3 months after.

We offer a single-sponsored and multi-sponsored webinar. With either option, sponsors benefit from months of lead generation and branding, starting with the lead up to the live event and following through to the pre-recorded/archived recording. This keeps your lead nurturing efforts supported for an extended period of time.

  • Custom-developed webinar will be moderated by a recognizable in-house editor
  • Live and on-demand/pre-recorded options
  • Live webinar price includes a live audience Q&A session
  • Traffic driving campaign
  • Lead capture for 3 months (post event)
  • Hosting of webinar for 12-months from event live date

*Webinar programs work best with at least 3 months of lead time for development, marketing, and registration.

Rates for Single-Sponsored Webinar
15 Minute (On Demand Only) – $5,000
30 Minute (Live or On Demand) – $9,000
60 Minute (Live Only) – $15,000

Contact us to find out what multi-sponsored webinar opportunities are in the pipeline, as well as to get a quote for a multi-sponsored webinar or for a custom arrangement.